19AF/CC Takes Cadets to New Heights

Det 595 hosted 19th Air Force Commander, Maj Gen Patrick Doherty, for a mentoring session.  Maj Gen Doherty commands flight and maintenance training operations for the Air Force, and manages more than half of the flight hours in the entire service.  Twenty-three cadets and students from freshmen through fifth-year seniors gained valuable insight into pilot training, military family life, leadership, and service motivation from Maj Gen Doherty’s rich career.  Maj Gen Doherty informed cadets on the philosophies behind his leadership and success, as well as on Rated career fields.
Rated career fields consist of Pilot, Combat Systems Officer (CSO), Air Battle Manager (ABM), and Remotely-Piloted Aircraft (RPA) pilots.  Det 595 is among the leading AFROTC detachments in terms of Rated production per graduating class.  Over the last three years, the cadets of Det 595 have earned a 100% selection rate to Rated career fields.  Of those, we’ve graduated 27 pilots, 3 CSOs, 1 ABM, and 1 RPA pilot.
The detachment’s ongoing relationships with Civil Air Patrol, the US Air Force Academy’s Soaring program, F-15E Strike Eagle and KC-135 Stratotanker squadrons at Seymour Johnson AFB , and various Flight Training Units around the nation put 15-20 of our cadets behind the controls of aircraft and simulators every year.  This is part of what makes NC State/AFROTC Det 595 one of the best opportunities in undergraduate education for those who wish to serve their nation in flight.